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High Resolution Colour Aerial Photos

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What are the Auckland City Aerial Photos?

The high resolution Auckland City (including the Hauraki Gulf Islands) colour aerial photos were taken during 2002 and were Commissioned by the Auckland City Council. They consist of two sub-sets:

  1. The highest resolution set (at 1 pixel per 0.125metres of land surface) covers Auckland City and the highly populated areas of Waiheke Island taken in 2002, and
  2. The more sparsely populated areas of the Hauraki Islands (at 1 pixel per 0.5metres) of land surface taken in 2003
(As a useful comparison; the Low resolution aerial photos modules are at a resolution of 1 pixel to 2.5m.)

Terms & Conditions
The Auckland City Aerial Photos are only available for TUMONZ Version 2 and later.
The Auckland City and Hauraki Gulf Island aerial photos are the Intellectual Property of Auckland City Council and are made available subject to their standard Terms & Conditions.
These Terms & Conditions are displayed during installation of this module., Click Here

What do the Auckland City Aerial Photos look like?
Auckland City, High Resolution Aerial Photo Gallery Click on the image to the left to open the image gallery of these Aerial Photos or simply click here.
The images in the gallery were taken from TUMONZ with the Auckland City High Aerial Photos.

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How much do the Auckland City Aerial Photos cost?

The Auckland City High Resolution Aerial Photos module is available for $190 (incl GST).
This module is supplied on one (1) DVD or two (2) CD's covering Auckland City and the Hauraki Gulf Islands.

Visit our secure purchasing page to order TUMONZ and the Auckland City aerial photos module now.

What coverage will I get from the Auckland City Aerial Photos?

To see images showing the coverage of all the TUMONZ Aerial Photos, click on the image below or click here.

This image shows the coverage of the Auckland City Aerial Photos.

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