About the update:

Below are two links to the latest program and data updates for Tumonz 8; the updates will only install on computers which already have Tumonz 8 installed. The two updates are for different purposes. The first is for normal Tumonz 8 use with the data in Transverse Mercator (TM). The second is for Web Mercator (WM) and unless you use this projection for offshore island viewing, you won’t need the second update.

The first download (TM) will update the following:

  • Tumonz main program (version 8.54)
  • Tumonz map data (related to properties, road reserves and addresses, surveyed points)
  • Tumonz DCDB appellation data shown on the map (version 65)
  • Tumonz owner & property database and property reports (version 65)

Installing the update:

  • Download the installers by clicking on the buttons below (and save/run the file on your computer):

    Standard Tumonz Update 8.54 (Build 1219)

    Standard update for Tumonz program (8.54) and property data (version 65). Data in NZ Transverse Mercator projection.

    Size: 1.8 GB

    Optional Tumonz Update 8.54 (Web Mercator Projection)

    Optional update for Tumonz program (8.54) and property data (version 63). Data in NZ Web Mercator projection.

    Size: 0.35 GB

    Please note that the standard update is fairly big (total of ~1.8Gb) and you should take care if you have limited data cap; if you want to install the update on multiple computers, it may be faster to download it once on a removable USB drive.

  • If Tumonz 8 is running, please close it before applying the update; the update program will remind you if you run it while Tumonz is still running.
  • Run the update programs once they have finished downloading, and follow the prompts to complete the update. You may safely ignore any message from your antivirus software regarding this installer.