Feature Summary

High-detail Satellite Photos for all of NZ

New map layers loading high-detail aerial photos as a background for your data everywhere in New Zealand.


Street View maps for All of NZ

Overlay vector property information (with title and owner information) on street view raster maps.

Customizable Print Templates

Choose from a variety of print templates, or export a map image to use in other programs.


User-defined map object types

Align the rendering style of all objects of the same user-defined types e.g. fences or pipelines.


Embedded aerial photographs

Embed orthorectified images and aerial / drone photos on the map.


Pin photos & documents

Add pins linked to photos and documents on the map.


New Topo50 / Topo250

All new Toppo50 scans, and introducing Topo250 scans, all displayed in a new map style as a seamless NZ wide surface.


Mobile Map Support

You can now easily show your Tumonz map data in any mobile device using custom Google Maps.


Property Layers in the Online Map

We have now added the capability to load selections or an entire surface of parcels to view over the online map. Share these with mobile devices.


Full Online Installation

Tumonz 9 is downloadable. After purchase, you will be sent the Product Key and you can start the installation. You may still order the installation on USB flash drive.

New Zealand Sea Charts

Comprehensive collection of NZ Sea Charts (208) with associated mariner notices, all easily displayed as an interactive map boo.


Complete Map Building in the Online Map

Full map building/editing capability all within the online map. View your personal map layers (shapes and lines) at once over the excellent satellite background. Add layers, polygons and lines; select colours, fills, and transparency.


Background Map Updates

The new background data update application takes care of data updates and notifying you when new data layers are available. This will include a number of free Property Layer updates.

New & updated map layers

Latest legal / title / parcel layers, new road network with route planning, new topographic vector data layers including the offshore islands, new survey and boundary marks, tide data and new aerial imagery.