Company Profile

rotorua_01We are a New Zealand company based in Rotorua, Management & Technology Systems Ltd (or MTS). MTS was incorporated in May 1999. Vision Software is our registered Trademark and TUMONZ is simply a product brand name. However, as the name TUMONZ is so well know, our business is often referred to as TUMONZ. (In Australia we are known as TUMAUS.)

We build and own state-of-art software. Besides mapping software we also build and own software in the information management domain and run information management services on behalf of one of NZ’s Crown Research Institute’s. Most of our very substantial code sets are our own. TUMONZ for example has over a million lines of base code.

rotorua_04We developed TUMONZ and launched it in 2001. Prior to that time, GIS products had largely been the domain of large international corporations that charged thousand to tens of thousands of dollars for their products on an annual license basis. TUMONZ was a new concept, being a GIS with substantial functionality and having the ability to render vector data (allowing zoom in to any level) as well as scanned maps and aerial photos. The other part of the revolution was the price. We believed everyone should be able to afford a desktop GIS, not just a few large enterprises. TUMONZ has remained a low cost application with a one-off purchase price (with no annual license fees). The customer can decide what other data sets he or she requires. There are many, a large range of aerial photography, LINZ Legal and title data, Sea Charts and numerous book based add-ons.

rotorua_02Adding wonderful new tools to TUMONZ has never been a problem and there are almost no limitations as to what we can do. The main problem for us at MTS is how do we provide a huge set of powerful tools and functions but keep the program simple enough for all to use. Built in HELP and downloadable tutorials are important elements in support. We also provide an email based support service.


rotorua_03TUMONZ has now evolved through 6 generations. The engine is fast and provides a wide range of capabilities. The base product now in NZTM is supplied with a vector database that includes NZ topographic layers and roads and addresses, scans of the Topo50 maps, Dept of Conservation Lands, and the legal and title database for NZ including all property parcels. In addition, with the recent arrival of the online Google Maps and Google Earth we have embedded Internet Explorer within the TUMONZ main map window allowing the user to move from TUMONZ maps to synchronized Google Maps and Google Earth. Besides being synchronized, all your individual TUMONZ data can be selected to appear in the online map.

At MTS we are very excited by the road ahead and the endless possibilities TUMONZ technology can bring.

We want you to join us on this journey.