Features – Automatic Data Updates

The Tumonz executable (version 8 only) automatically keeps itself up to date by downloading program new updates as they become available online. The program can also fetch the latest version of the various map data layers, but because of the large size of these datasets Tumonz will only download new layer data when you give it permission (in the Updates dialog).

We are currently making a few minor changes to the Tumonz automatic update feature to address a problem related to program permissions; this was encountered by a handful of users running specific configurations (and operating system set-ups). We will be releasing this version as soon as we’ve verified that it solved the problem with a few test users. We have prepared a program which in the meantime will solve the problem for most users – simply download and run the installer here.
Further help & suggestions in the Requirements & Troubleshooting section below.

Automatic Program Updates

  • Program updates will simply happen in the background – you do not need to take any notice of this unless you experience that Tumonz is not updating itself. The latest available online updates are listed in the Updates dialog (accessible from the main menu: Tools | Updates…)
  • Tumonz automatically checks for (and downloads) new program updates at weekly intervals.
  • Updating will not interrupt your work – you may notice Tumonz reporting the progress of an update in the title bar, but you can continue using the program as usual. You can quit while the update is taking place – it will resume when you start Tumonz again.
  • Once a new version is installed it will take effect next time you start Tumonz – a hint in the title bar will suggest that a restart is required.
  • If you wish you can disable automatic checks/updates by changing the value of Settings | Advanced Settings | Auto-update Program.
  • When Tumonz encounters a problem downloading an update it will only try to resume the next time you start Tumonz. If your internet connection is regularly interrupted (e.g. you live in a remote location) we advise you to change the value of Settings | Advanced Settings | Auto-retry when download fails – with this turned on Tumonz will automatically retry downloading after 5 minutes (every time a download is interrupted).

Map Data Updates

  • Small map data updates (e.g. tide data) will update automatically, but large datasets will only update when you give it permission in the Updates dialog. We will periodically send out an e-mail to notify clients when new data updates are available.
  • To install an update simply open the Updates dialog (Tools | Updates…) and select ‘Install Now‘ for any update you wish to download.
  • Since many map data updates are fairly big you can opt to only install new data updates when you require the latest information for a specific layer (e.g. NZ property database). The update process does not require you to install previous versions in order to install the latest update.

Requirements & Troubleshooting

  • Most users will be running Tumonz with sufficient privileges to update itself, but if you are running Tumonz with some restrictions (as often happens on bigger company networks) you should ensure that Tumonz:
  • Has access the internet (to fetch the data files)
  • Can write to the Tumonz installation directory (to install the updated data files)
  • If you experience problems you can try running Tumonz as administrator (right-click on the desktop icon and choose Run as Administrator), or talk to your network administrator about changing the program rights for Tumonz. We recommend that you permanently enable Tumonz to run with administrator privileges using these steps for:
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 & 10
  • Always run Tumonz using the desktop icon or Windows menu icon – this actually starts a special pre-loader program (T8Launch.exe) which is an important part of the automatic update process. If you prefer to start Tumonz from within the installation folder, please launch T8Launch.exe (and not T8.exe directly).
  • You can view the update log (Tools | Updates…|Update Log) to see more detail about any errors which may have occurred while Tumonz tried to install updates.
  • Contact support@tumonz.co.nz if you have further queries – you can assist us by including the update log and installation information in the e-mail (you can use the functions in the Update dialog to paste this information from the clipboard)