Features – Summary

NZ Offshore

NZ Offshore Islands are now included: Chatham, Auckland, Antipodes, Kermadec, Campbell, Snares, Niue, Tokelau and Bounty Islands

Automated Data Updates

Tumonz 8 has a built-in function to update property data automatically, and can download free quarterly Property updates for up to 18 months. This feature also updates the program and other dynamic datasets e.g tide data.

Legal Survey Marks

Tumonz 8 now shows millions of legal survey marks - amongst others more than 11 million survey boundary marks defining existing parcel boundaries, +100k physical monuments & +50k geodetic vertical marks.

Online Map - browsing and map building

Load your personal map detail in the online map view for map building and editing.

Touch-screen browsing

You can browse the map and perform many of the common mapping functions using a touch-screen.

New & updated map layers

Latest legal / title / parcel layers, new road network with route planning, latest Topo50 raster scans, new topographic vector data layers including the offshore islands and new subset of urban high-detail aerial imagery.

USB Installation

Tumonz 8 is distributed using a 16Gb / 32Gb USB flash-drive which supports laptops and tablets without DVD readers.

Expanded installations and registrations

The new registration protocol removed the need for module activation and allows you to manage your own installations and registrations without having to contact support when you need Tumonz 8 on another computer.

High Resolution Aerials

Tumonz 8 comes with latest LINZ high resolution aerial photos for all large urban centres (well over 100) and provides a quick free-of-charge pathway to download and load your other areas of interest. These complement the high coverage aerial sets covering most of NZ.

More Business and Professional Tools

Loading your own aerials, ESRI shape support, property reporting, animation recording, GPS and GPX support, spreadsheet building. Extensive range of capabilities and Tools.

Complete Map Building

Add lines, shapes, (& pre-defined shapes) and text to build a detailed property map or just simply add a feature or an Icon with text, files and personal photos. Import/export map data supported for Tumonz, ESRI, GPX data types.

The Map

Fast, interactive, anywhere, any scale. Select from multiple map types

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with 32Gb free disk space (for a new installation)